Connect to GovWifi using an iPhone or iPad


Once you have a GovWifi username and password, follow the steps below. Depending on your device, you may need to scroll down to see all the fields.

  1. Go to wifi settings and select GovWifi.

    Screenshot of WiFi credentials input on iOS
  2. Enter the username and password you received by email or text.

    Your password is case sensitive. It's 3 words without spaces. The first letter of each word is capitalised.

  3. You'll be asked to confirm that the network presents the correct certificate. This protects you against fake networks which may harm your privacy.

    The correct certificate is called and is issued by GeoTrust RSA CA 2018.

  4. Select More Details and scroll down.

  5. Check that the SHA-1 Fingerprint matches:

    37 CE B5 7A 3F 38 EB 7C 66 A2 4E 90 BB 11 71 D7 BC 4D 65 1A

  6. Select Certificate in the top left to go back to the previous screen.

  7. Select Trust in the top right to connect to GovWifi.

You should now be connected to GovWifi.


If your device shows the message 'Not trusted', it means your phone doesn't recognise this wifi network yet. Check that the certificate is called and that it is issued by GeoTrust RSA CA 2018

If it is, select Trust so your phone recognises the wifi network.