GovWifi Terms and Conditions

The GovWifi service

GovWifi is a cross-government service that provides wifi access in government buildings. It’s managed centrally by Government Digital Service (GDS), which is part of the Cabinet Office. It’s set up and supported by host organisations which provide the service to one or more government organisations.

Terms and conditions for connecting to GovWifi

By connecting to GovWifi, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You’re bound by the acceptable use policy of your host organisation.
  2. Public sector workers must comply with the standards of behaviour that are expected by your employer or government organisation, including the Civil Service Code and the social media guidance for civil servants.
  3. Your host organisation may:
    • restrict access for lawful purposes
    • set their own acceptable use policies - contact your host organisation for more information on their policies
  4. GDS will store your connection details, including your:
    • email address
    • mobile telephone number
    • authentication attempts
    • activation and last login dates
    • IP address
  5. GDS will share this information with any host organisation from which you access the service, upon their request. GDS does not control, log or otherwise influence your network traffic when you’re authenticated to GovWifi.
  6. Your data will be stored while your account is active. Your data will be deleted when your account has been inactive for 12 months. You’ll need to sign up to GovWifi again to use it.
  7. GDS may occasionally contact you by email or text message, using the information you’ve provided, to give you important information about the GovWifi service, including:
    • major changes to GovWifi
    • changes to these terms and conditions
    • requests for feedback, in order to improve GovWifi
  8. Contact GDS if you would prefer not to receive messages asking for feedback.
  9. GDS can change these terms and conditions at any time. We’ll tell you about any change by email or text message, at least 10 days before the change happens. GDS will specify the date the change will happen in the message you receive. If you don’t accept the change, you must stop using GovWifi.
  10. You must not use this service for any unlawful purposes.

For GovWifi support for your managed device, contact your home organisation’s IT helpdesk. If it’s your own device ask your host organisation if they are able to help you.