Ask a staff member to create your GovWifi account

If you cannot sign up yourself, someone with a public sector email address can sign you up to GovWifi.

1. Ask a public sector staff member to email GovWifi

The staff member needs to:

  • send an email to from their public sector email address
  • leave the subject line blank
  • only include your email address or mobile phone number in the email

They can sign other visitors up at the same time by adding other email addresses or mobile phone numbers on separate lines in the email.

Once this has been done, you'll get an email or text with your GovWifi username and password.

2. Connect your device

By connecting to GovWifi, you accept our Privacy Notice and terms and conditions.

To connect your device, follow the guide for Android , iPhone or iPad , Windows device , Mac or Chromebook

You can use the same username and password to connect all your devices to GovWifi.