Accept the new GovWifi certificate

We have renewed the GovWifi certificate. Your device checks this certificate each time you connect to GovWifi to make sure it’s connecting to the genuine GovWifi network.

You might need to accept the new certificate on your device to continue using GovWifi.

If you’re ever asked to accept a new certificate without being told in advance by the GovWifi team, do not accept it. Report it to the IT support desk for the building you’re in.

What to do depends on your device

Your device might automatically check the new certificate and accept it. In this case, you will not need to do anything.

Or, you may be asked to accept the new certificate.

If your device asks you to accept the new certificate

  1. View the certificate.
  2. Check that the domain is
  3. Check the issuer is GeoTrust TLS RSA CA G1
  4. Check the fingerprint or thumbprint is 28 E3 61 41 29 8E 98 25 2E 68 C4 50 D7 16 5A B2 19 41 14 F6
  5. Accept or trust the new certificate.

Depending on your device, you may not be able to see all the information referred to here.

If you're having problems

If you’re on a work device, contact the organisation that gave you the device as you may not have permission to accept the new certificate.

If you’ve accepted the certificate but you still cannot connect:

  • forget the network and try to connect again
  • follow our guidance on common issues with GovWifi
  • contact the IT support desk for the building you're in